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About Fourways


Fourways Group is owned by the family companies of Rodney, Murray & Robert Field.


Rodney and Murray farming for 40 years in WA in Nungarin (2670 ha) and share-farmed 1500ha moving to south coast of Western Australia to Cascades NW Esperance (4414 ha).

During that period had shares in a farms at Hopetoun (2400ha) and Munglinup (3600ha). They farmed cereals, oil-seed, pulse crops and sheep plus producing pasture seed for the grazing industry.

They have high level of understanding of all the issues facing the farming industry.


In 1998 they set up a consulting group to cater for people with small rural holdings and too help develop new agricultural industries.


They became involved in farmer initiated research and assisting farmers to do their annual budgets and those who were in financial difficulties.


As part of the new agricultural industries they formed a partnership with Simpson family from NZ and Ladyman family in Katanning to bring into Australia new fodder oats & triticale varieties to be sold in the Western Australian market issuing a new farming system of cereal grazing and conserving high quality fodder.


They had involvement in Real Estate with land development at Gingin in WA and Shepparton in VIC. Also with a group of others who owned the Ascot Inn in Belmont.


Now the group has moved on to assist all people involved in small business including a partnership in 2008 with Robert Field to use Fourways Group as the company to guide and administrate extending their services to finance brokering activities with MacGregor Mortgages in Albany WA. In which individuals and businesses can access financé for various uses.


In 2016 they joint with Ian Field who is plumber to use Fourways Group as the company to guide and administrate extending their services to plumbing.



Our vision is to help build vibrant Rural & Urban communities. We aim to strengthen the capacity of individuals and communities to take advantage of change within Australian society.

The company provides consulting, and finance broking for private and public companies, small and medium directed/owned businesses, non profit organisation, government departments and individuals.

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