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Business Consultancy

Need some Help ? 


Murray Field has worked with people who have financial and personal problems. 


He understands their needs working to overcome the problems with an outcome that is a benefit to all.

If you want to expand your business it needs to be planned. 


If you are finding it hard to make changes or you would like to start a new business or change the way you conduct your enterprise call Murray.                                          


Contact Murray on 0429 428 157 


Business Viability Assessment -


Murray Field can check if your business is profitable and assist with building your asset base and planning for retirement and inter-generational transfer.


How do I do that? I look at all the resources available in your business including human, financial, physical, market, network, skill and management ability.


Business assessment is also tailored to each particular business in the way that the assessment is put together for you. The important message is what you want and your needs in this process.


The corner stone of business assessment is a clear understanding of your true financial position which is based on cash in cash out and where the income is coming from and where all the costs are going. The debt to income ratio becomes a key maker to long term business viability.


The business and personal debt assessment is a key item when considering long business viability. You need to understand those key markers when considering long term business sustainability.


Budget and Financial Options -


Clearly establishing the past income and expenses, one of the key parts of business planning is well put together budget based on previous trading figures and conservative projection of future income and expenses.


Once that draft projection outline is completed it needs to be road test by going back and looking at all the income and expenses and putting to a % drop in come and % increase in costs.


Part of that process we would do year in year out risk assessment and variation of income and expenses could the business stand with it present debt and future debt projections.


Strategic Planning & Finance Options -


I will work with you to lay out strategic plan for future business expansion and the finance options required to make those plans to work.


As part of that strategy planning process we would complete a SWOT analysis for your future plan.

Strength, weakness, opportunity and threats can be applied to your expansion plans.


Financial options would be tested through budget projections and risk assessment using the Fourways Business Tools and the service of the finance broker to help the strategy plan.


Debt Negotiation -


If you have difficulties dealing with debt collection and financial institutions because of not meeting payments I can assist you to overcome these issues.


Doing a business assessment of your financial position can help in your negotiation with financial institutions who are pressuring you for payments.


Help you put together a debt management strategy and help negotiate that with the financial institution can save your business from being put into receivership and administration.


Bank Liaison Services -

Help you deal with the bank in negotiating a new loan package and to get the best deal.


Use the assistance of our Finance Broker to make sure are getting the best finance package which suits your business.


Help you to negotiate with your bank a better business restructure package to help your business in the long term.


Project Management and Assessment -

If you have new project in mind for your business we work with you to find out if that project idea is viable.

We help you plan how you would put that new project into action.


Do enterprise analysis if the forward budget projections are realistic.


Help you carefullly plan if this new enterprise can make money and fits into your long term goals.


Long Term Business Management Planning -


If you are looking for long term business management planning the Fourways Group team have the skill base to provide that service to you.


With our Business Tools and Finance Broker  we can provide you an assessment which can put you on path of business success into the future.


Long term business management planning can be the start of a very exciting business future.

Business Viability
Budget and Financial Options
Debt Negotation
Strategic Planning
Bank Liason Services
Project Management
Long Term Planning
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