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Business Viability Assessment

We can check if your business is profitable and assist with building your asset base and planning for retirement and inter-generational transfer.

How do we do that? I look at all the resources available in your business including human, financial, physical, market, network, skill and management ability.

Business assessment is also tailored to each particular business in the way that the assessment is put together for you. The important message is what you want and your needs in this process.

The corner stone of business assessment is a clear understanding of your true financial position which is based on cash in cash out and where the income is coming from and where all the costs are going. The debt to income ratio becomes a key maker to long term business viability.

The business and personal debt assessment is a key item when considering long business viability. You need to understand those key markers when considering long term business sustainability.

Contact Murray on 0429 428 157 to start the process - Check out our Facebook site


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